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No man but a Blockhead ever wrote other than for money.

-- Samuel Johnson

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I am a contract / freelance writer. 

My work has ranged from popular history to tech-industry trends to feature-film publicity writing for Paramount Pictures. I am flexible, low-maintenance, and highly deadline-focused. My rates are negotiable. 

I've written a fantasy novel, Catherine of Lyonesse, currently in the marketplace, and contra Johnson, I also write about my own interests, hence these pages and my blog, Rocketpunk Manifesto. These will give you some sense of my writing style. For a few online examples of my work gigs, follow these links:

Tectrends. Encapsulations of current articles highlighting tech-industry trends. Recent (as of this posting) samples here and here.

Emmet Labs. A 'social network' of historical figures; my work for them ranges from Henry VIII and his marital misadventures to the (erroneous) 'discovery' of canals on Mars. (Follow the internal links for further work.)

European Courier. Articles on US politics, aimed at a primarily European audience.


Email: lyonesse[at]


My resume:

Rick Robinson 


  • Tech industry article abstracts for Information Sources/TecTrends (
  • Popular history articles for Emmet Labs (
  • Articles on US politics for European Courier (
  • Short articles on roadside points of interest for Jack Mingo / WiseGuides.
  • Technical ghostwriting for laser industry publications.
  • Feature Film Production Notes for Paramount Pictures, including: "The Saint," "Breakdown," "Event Horizon," "Hard Rain," "Star Trek: Insurrection," among others.
  • Financial-management methods summaries for Kettley Publishing.
  • Product, division, and personality profiles for Diversey's World, employee magazine of Diversey International, Ltd. (now Diversey/Unilever), and Clean World company newsletter.
  • Technical news reportage for Lasers and Optronics magazine.
  • Scientific and technical definitions for the Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology.<.i>
  • "Crusade's Strange Twist," in Military History magazine, Anthologized in Western Civilization, v. 1, Eighth ed., Dushkin Publishing Group.
  • "The Lost Teens," anthologized in Groundwork for College Reading, by Bill Broderick, Townsend Press.
  • "America's First Laser Warplane" and "Enduring Giant: the B-52" in Air Combat magazine.
  • Numerous business analyses and reports on contract.



  • M.A., English, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo.
  • B.A., Economics, UCLA




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