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Updated 6/28/09

Useful or amusing links, listed by subject but otherwise in no particular order, with thumbnail descriptions.  Links that fit two subjects are listed in both.

Update note: I've left most links, even to sites I hardly ever visit any more, but noted as much.  Added some new and better ones, placed higher in the sections.

The sections -- so far -- are Inside the Observatory; Hot Links; Politics; Science and Technology; Serious Money; SF and Fantasy, Generally Bizarre; and Toyz for Boyz.

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Hot  Links


  • Talking Points Memo -- Josh Marshall's site, and my main daily political fix.
  • Daily Kos -- The Great Orange Satan.
  • Salon -- Struggling, but still afloat. 
  • Slate -- Painfully conventional views, but still a resource.  Better than Salon now, which is kind of sad, really ...
  • Weekly Standard -- Natural law permits one intelligent rightie magazine, and this used to be it.  Now they've gone stupid, also subscription for most articles.  I'll link it till a decent new one comes along.
  • Daily Howler -- Deconstructing the "liberal" media.

Science and Technology

  • -- Preprints of journal articles on astrophysics and other fields, updated every weekday.  Way cool stuff!
  • Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia  -- Best site for extrasolar planets; regular, quick update of discoveries.  (A French site, but in English)
  • Sky and Telescope -- The magazine's site -- news updates and great pix.
  • Stars -- Good site for astronomy basics, including nice little writeups about some 600+ stars.   Since I've read all the back ones, now I mainly check the Star of the Week.
  • NASA Science -- What they're up to, with links to other NASA and space science news.
  • Lynette Cook's Images -- Gorgeous speculative views of extrasolar planets and other things cosmic.
  • Blue Ribbon Campaign -- Defenders of Internet free speech.

Serious Money

  • The Economist -- Rather full of themselves -- what Brit isn't? -- but still a mainstay resource, especially compared to US biz-zines.
  • Financial Times -- The Empire really strikes back.

SF / Fantasy

  • Tamora Pierce -- YA fantasy author.  Her girl heroes are tougher than you are ...  :)
  • Locus -- The bigger trade-zine in the SF field.
  • Science Fiction Chronicle -- The other trade-zine.  Which is better?  Whichever gives a better review to my book when it comes out!
  • Infinity Wanderers -- Alternative History fiction and discussion; co-host of Tarrantry.
  • Carla Nayland -- 6th century England, and a land not all that far from Lyonesse.

Generally Bizarre

Toyz 4 Boyz -- 4 Girlz 2   :)

  • -- Rail transit junkie?   Primarily an NY subway site, but with sections on / links to just about everything.
  • SFCONSIM-L -- Space warfare discussion.  Technically a gaming board, but general concepts get a lot of discussion, too.
  • Atomic Rockets -- Everything you need to know for Hard SF (or even semi-hard) spaceship design and operation.  Way cool, and not just because he quotes me, but somewhat graphics-intensive.
  • Attack Vector -- If you only buy one space warfare game, this should be the one.



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